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CIRA has several network printers. Each printer has a label on it to identify it.

You can connect directly to the printers via their IP address. Note that you will need to download the appropriate printer driver from the Manufactures' web site before connecting. Here are the printer names and IP addresses.


Printer01 -, Model CL7200 - CIRA Upper South

Printer02 -, Model ML2850 - CIRA Reception

Printer09 -, Model SPC820 - CIRA Reception

Printer10 -, Model CL7200 - CIRA Lower South

Printer11 -, Model AP610 - ACRC RM 103

Printer12 -, Model SPC431 - CIRA Lower Central

Printer27 -, Model SPC431 - ACRC RM 003

Plotter -, Epson Plotter - CIRA Basement



Printer09 is a heavily used color laser printer. In the event that Printer09 is offline, please use Printer01 or Printer10.

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