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CIRA provides an FTP server as a temporary place to share files that are too large or numerous for email.

You can access the server using the following:
1. FTP:
2. UNC: \\\ftp (Fort Collins campus only, see notes below for Windows authentication)
3. WWW:

The security is simple. Anonymous users have read only access. No password is required for the anonymous account.

Guest users have read, write, and delete access. If you need the guest password, please contact the Research Systems Group.


1. The guest username is cira.

2. Windows users mapping ftp as a network drive must use \cira as the username. The slash overrides Windows trying to assign a domain name. The ftp server does not allow connections using domain accounts.

3. Anyone with guest access can delete any file or folder. 

4. We do not backup files on the server since they are intended to be temporary. Do not post anything you cannot replace.

5. Do not post anything confidential. Anyone, including the public, can access it.

6. Please do not use the ftp server as a data server. If you need to regularly push or pull research data, please submit a Help Desk ticket for assistance.

7. Please keep all your files in a folder by your last name or project.

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